Sunday, November 29, 2020

Covid is nothing but a control mechanism, farted straight out from the stinking pit of hell.

Back in the 60s, the devil and his staff blew out acid rock, and generally skanky/confusing lyrics, and the old people reacted ... quite sensibly, looking back.  Yep, flag-waving grampa was right - that mus-eech i was listening to was, at best, unproductive.  Nuts to that, it was downright rebellious/wicked (black sabbath...bluuck)!  Anyway, that was yesterday's "generation gap."  A bit mild, compared to the social-engineering going on today.

Before covid - and before we devolved into a society without faces - young people were already becoming quite fed up with boomers, our we-still-rock bumper stickers and such.  Ugh, just want to retch whenever i see one.  Why?  Because it feeds young people's resentment - that's why!   

Our college debt was a few $20s and change, compared to theirs.  And many of us, who didn't even go to college, found good jobs anyway, and were able to be debt free and to save up for dottage days that might lay ahead.  For young people, they'll be likely in their late 30s, before their college debt - and lots of interest - is paid off.  When we were pushing 40, our mortgages were in their last years.  In short, the deck is stacked against young people. 

And young people have an attitude?  Well duh!

Anyway, covid will only further the resentment.  Granted, while the entertainment/hospitality industry is, generally, about as needful to any society as big gubment, restaurants, concert halls and movie houses yield jobs which put food on the family's table and shoes on the kids' feet.  

Really? $130, for that? For starters, it's tissuey thin recycled coke-bottle fabric, and the interfacing is very minimal. That means,

after a few washings - like three or four - the garment will stretch here, and sag there, and end up, in short order, to the back of an already crammed fast-fashion closet - if not dispatched to the landfill, along with the other piles, and piles of recycled plastics, called clothing.  And, adding insult to injury, this rubbish (before the tags, and the intentionally irritating label, is removed - the later being an exercise in surgery) is sewn by people, who work long hours with no breaks, and barely enough time to wolf down a small bowl of rice.  Btw, tell me only one factory over there, put bars on the windows, to keep the slaves from chucking themselves out!  

Anyway, atleast men's clothing is made with some sensibility in mind...oh, wait a sec.  Some 15 years ago, jeans were jeans - not the thickly priced thin stuff of later years.  Strange, back then, my husband worked in the warehouse, and his jeans lasted longer, than in later years -  when he was no longer physically able to lift heavy stuff all day long.  

Yep, i'm one of those oollld people, who believes clothing should be cut generously/sensibly and last a few years, (yeah, this old biche expecting the moon, again) and even make it to the second-hand store, still in reasonably wearable shape.  Oh wait a sec, poor people aren't supposed to feel halfways decent in used clothing - such is a grevious offense to the god of social darwinism. 

As for the, so everywhere, garish colors and uneven hemlines, that's all fine and dandy ... for the april fool's day parade.


Saturday, November 28, 2020

Oh here we go again, the same old wife-bashing, in bubble-land.

It's mom's choice of clothing - but the blog-owner doesn't want to read that bit of reality.  Which is: from about 18 to 80, women have two choices of clothing.  There's ugly, and there's uglier: pick one, biche!  In bubble-land, don' cha know, the stay-at-home wives sew all their clothing - and the kids' clothing as well.  In the real world, however, not only does wifey have to work full-time, then hurry to a cluttered home (cluttered, because she can't be there to keep things in order) and quick, fry up some grub, open several cans/boxes, load the washer, hurry to an occupied chair, dump the dryer load, and, sorta folding.

Why not fold the recycled soda-can fabrics in the laundry room?  Because wifey is too dog tired to mention of needing the small table in there - which is occupied with someone's (oh, taka good guess) stupid ars'd hobby.  Uhm, hobbies are for 3,000k square-foot circles, not for little-pink-house struggling couples, barely able to make the in-frakking-sane mortgage payments/school-taxes.  So, she doesn't want to start, what will end up as drama.

And preeecher-creeecher expects a double tithe?  Any wonder his sermons don't include a certain duty of husbands.  Hint:  that awful seven-letter word, starting with p.  

In bubble-land, if there's marital trouble, it's because the wives are fat, grouchy, selfish, frigid and lazy.  Never mind, the reality is: mom's needs usually, if not always, come last.  "Old clothes will have to do, 'cause the kids all need new shoes."   That's a line from a mid60s song called, "Queen of the house."  

It's almost funny, some of the (cough, gag, puke...) men over there, who are the most critical, aren't even married, but are chest-pounding single.  So red-pill proud.  Meanwhile, the reality is, the 30-something cat ladies don't even want so much as a half-hour coffee date with such pee-wees, let alone a sweaty romp.  Red-pills know they're generally losers in the mating game - and about so does everyone else.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thankful. To live in a strongly republican community. Trump and Pence signs still up. Another gun went off - yes, guns. People have 'em here.

There one went again.  Have noticed, however, haven't seen that wild turkey running around for awhile - guess they know, around September or October, what comes up in November.  

Having roast chicken this year.  With all the meat - which i'm thankful for, that my late husband had bought, just a few weeks before he died - anyway, there's still alot there.  Probably another 2 year's worth - don't eat much meat.  So, a 15-pound turkey, added?  Nah!  Think with covid, the 10-pounders - which is still too much - had been snatched up.

Family have their own family, and friends, the same.  No biggee, it's all good.  

Because Christmas falls on a Saturday this year, making Christmas dinner will work.  No way, if Christmas was on a Sunday - Thursday, because after all that, then getting up the next day for work.  Have dinners here because, going elsewhere means driving after dark - no thanks!

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Read somewhere, that back during the depression (1930s), people gave a higher percentage to the collection plate than nowadays.

First off, back then, most people (interested in Christ's offer of salvation from sin, or not really) went to church.  Back then, we were less mobile - we knew our neighbors, their families.  Back then, if you got sick/lost your job/had storm damage, had another child - and could barely feed and clothe the ones you already had...gubment programs were few and far between.  

Giving a portion of your hard-earned money to the local church, gave you say as to where it went, and what it went for.  Some of it supported the preacher and his family, so the preacher could focus his WORK hours on studying Scripture, and giving good long sermons - they didn't have back then.  You heard the Sunday one/s, and if you got the newspaper, you may have read one or two published, from the church across town, and the other church just over the county line.  Back then, sermons were preached to and for everybody in the church - from the brightest, to the not so bright.

Godda get ready.

Monday, November 23, 2020

At the little church, where i attend. Each sunday, when Bob brings the plate up to the pulpit,

where Pastor thanks the Lord Jesus for the "gifts, tithes and offerings," in the 10-ish years i've attended that little church, Pastor has never, ever inserted a plug in any of his sermons, for mo moneh.  You see, Pastor is way more concerned about people coming to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ - and so, not ending up forever in hell - than he is about getting more stupid money.  Pastor has mentioned a few times, in thanks-giving, that the church is solvent, and has some left over to help fund a missionary - who's somewhere in Africa, and a local ministry that helps struggling moms.  There's also another local ministry that helps financially distressed people in general.

Speaking of helping poor people, just read an article yesterday.  This lady had volunteered in soup kitchens and such, for quite sometime.  Over the years, she has heard the mantra that atheists and pagans put in the legwork also - ya know, that you don't need the Lord God to do good.

Well, she said, the kitchens and such are very grateful for volunteers - period!  And it's always the same type of people who show up to load or unload the boxes, stock the shelves, make the meals, clean up after, deliver stuff to needy families or individuals...  Always, always the same type of people.  Ya know, people who attend church, where Jesus Christ is honored as Lord and savior.   Funny how that works, eh?

Thursday, November 19, 2020

i don't know the guy, or the situation that lead him to have it out with his pastor. But i did listen to one of the pastor's sermons -

well, about the first 10 minutes, couldn't stomach any more.  The preeech speeech...ya know, like this:

thus a sayeth the Lord a you a are a sinner a and a need a to a get your sins a which are a many a forgiven a...  Fast talk and no pause between sentences, it's jarring.

It's not the message, that's a turn-off - the message is true, and if not-so little susie has a problem with it, tough beans.  

Anyway, per the story as related by another preacher - a personal friend of pastor preeech-speeech - preeech called the guy a thief, because he wasn't tithing (off the top?) all the time.  

Evidently, the guy was convicted (bothered) by the short bills he was putting in the plate.  (Yeah dude, know that feeling!)  Don't know the man's situation, and his situation is none of my beeswax - and none of speeech's either.  Oh, could it be, the man was rather behind the financial 8-ball, before covid brought its dose of financial persecution?  Is the guy about one or two unexpected expenses away from possibly losing his house?

Or maybe, he's just a bit miffed.  Before covid, preeech somehow had the money for airline tickets and lodging at nice hotels.  (Mrs Preeech's mid-managerial wages at work???  And does she even get to go along?)  Anyway, was the guy's last va-ca sometime during the second half of the Clinton administration - he and the mrs went to the beach for a few days?

Jus' askin'