Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Well-to-do people...what's with the numerous bathrooms? Per a lady's comment on another blog,

her post got me to thinking.  People who design and buy upscale houses, perhaps had also grown up in one of those "little pink houses,"  (John Melloncamp, i think sang that song) where 6 or 7 people shared one bathroom.   And in some families, kids shared bathwater - that's just gross!   Bet i'm not the only person who adamantly believes that what's good about the old days is:  they're gone ;)   Some things ya don't forget. 

Dad had a thing about having steak two or three times a week.  Had asked Mom what was up with that, she told me Dad detested casseroles, because as a boy, there were times when real food for a real boy was ... eh, rather scarce. 

But anyway, concerning the 1960s suburban houses, Dad was telling me, some years back - and i didn't know this - that in the development we lived in (after 7th street) that several neighbors would (evidently quietly) stretch out hoses, on wash day, to let out the used laundry-water, because those tiny 3-bedroom ranchers were connected to tiny septic-tanks.   Think Dad said 1,000 gallons was the standard - think of 20 barrels. 

That 'el fill up fast, from a household of half a dozen people, if not more, taking baths or showers.   Oh wait a sec, back then, people generally didn't bathe every day..."splish-splash, I was takin' a bath, all along a Saturday night..."  Imagine, a crowded commute bus on a july thursday afternoon, and no air-conditioning.  Lovely :/

Almost got into it, offline, with someone starting in with the Americans-are-spoiled hogwash.  Uh NO!  Americans worked to acquire the nice stuff - and not only that, Americans have donated alot of money (they could have kept for themselves) to help other people.   Americans enjoy the longest, healthiest, most prosperous lifestyles.  And this American, isn't about to apologize for that.

I AM ...bla, bla, bla, grrl and old-hasbeen empowerment. Tell ya what i am: Frankly, i am wanting to run

and scream.  Not only is the I AM meme blasphemous - because, I AM is the Lord's description of Himself.  Then, for some little girl, or old hag - or even our manly man President Donald Trump to put in caps...a bit presumptuous, ya think?    The great I AM is / has been (that's down the road some ;) the girl scout cookie sales slogan (lemon ones are yummy).  Deluding little girls into to being and doing things which the Lord had not created girls and women to ... go around spouting about all over town (real or virtual).

Uh yeah, a woman can and is most certainly  a risk taker - all's a gal has to do is be stay-at-home wife and mom.  That's a waay big risk ... only to end up, at 50-something, being served dIvorce papers.  Okay, now what?  It's one thing to be a chest-pounding risk-taker, starting over at 25, but so another at 55.  Btw, the reason behind this (down the street) neighbor's situation?  Oh, what flipping else is new!  Peewee is a wastral, and never did, evidently, want to (cowboy up) and provide. .. f-bomb b*tard...really.

An innovator?   That's anybody striving to make do on a (somewhat too) limiting budget.  Looking back some years, have to chuckle a bit, about how everyone was gushing about Marta Stewart.  Mom said, (along the lines of) "horse-hockey, i made alot of that kind of stuff when we lived on 7th street."  Mom stayed home with us kids, and tried to make do on Dad's (too small for too many kids) income.  Too common back then.

Biggest challenge i have with Scripture is the rules against the pill - how is many kids and few dollars - uhm, to buy basic food and clothing, a blessing?  Of course i don't get it; Scripture is right, and i'm an idiot - i get that. 

Anyway, cannot help but to wonder, if a significant proportion of the bra-burning 1970s feminists, grew up seeing their mothers go without necessary stuff - like having 2 spare bras (that weren't ratty) while daDuh treated himself to new toys.  That shiola happened ALOT back then, and happens ALOT now-a-days.

The other (screemie) memes, for girls are:  GUTSY (a spin on obnoxious ;), STRONG (oh, take a bath ;/ ) LEADER (uhm, doesn't Scripture assign that job to men???) and GO GETTER (yeah we know how Jezebel got the vineyard, don't we ;/).

Anyway, godda get back to work.

Monday, July 13, 2020

That's it! This coming November - or whenever election day will be scheduled - i'm gonna get out there and vote for President Trump.

i like that man, because he tells it like it is.  Frankly, i was pleasantly shocked in 2016... had assumed - with the polls being so  crowded, couldn't even find a place to park - that Hillary would get elected, and figured, oh well...drats!  Come the next day, hooray!   This coming election day, i'll plan better, get there in the morning, even if it's sleeting, will just drive slow - and pray to the Lord for His travel mercies.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

And then on the blog, a dying woman is keeping - for as long as she is able - there, of course, were alot of new-agey fluff comments...gaag!

One made some idiotic fluff-ball comment about the point of death being like being let out of school for ... guess like summer vaca, or whatever.   Oh really?  (Can argue/comment this here, at this blog, the dying woman's blog is not the place to stir up snoflakes.)  Anyway, doesn't quite square with Scripture,  for most souls.  Throughout both the Old and the New Testament, people who go to heaven are very few - sadly, most go to the other place.  The only common thing about either of the (and there's only) two places is, both are consciously forever and ever. 

Prayed a quick prayer before commenting there - after all, if at any time, "it's all about you," it's when you're dying.  So, didn't want to spout off.  Just expressed hope that she considers very carefully that pdf document  (that i didn't read, and didn't want to read) from the smiley-team, then left the rhetorical question.  What if the Bible is true?   So, haven't been back, just gave it to the Lord.

The comment was maybe four sentences.  Long enough!  But i'll bet the last sentence didn't go over so well with the new-agey clique - don't know, and really don't care.  Well, what was i supposed to do?  Not atleast, as heartful, as gently as possible,  give her warning?  To not do so... that's not "love ya," "hugs"...or whatever sappy-ars'd sentiment typed from healthy fingers.

Nuff said.

Some Bible experts believe that in Old Testament times, believers had to do works to remain saved.

i don't know, but i do believe that Jews are gifted with a higher average iq than the other ethnic groups.  Oh, just look around.  Jews make up like 2.5% of the population, yet the percentage of Jews who make it in this world far exceeds the success rate of other groups - including germans.  Maybe hitler knew this, and so the basis of his tyranny was nothing but raging jealousy.

Jews had to know the Lord's law, they'd assemble, and stand outside all day, and listen to the prophets.  Well, that's what they were supposed to do.  They didn't have google back then, so they had to pay attention, and commit to memory - which is high iq's main ingredient. 

i am glad Jews have the gift of smarts.  Yikes, if i had to know and keep the laws to remain saved...forget it, might as well call early 60s the new late 30s - and go out into the singles' (can ya spell "s-k-a-n-k") scene and make a horse's petitute of myself.  Unfortunately, so many widow-blogs are geared toward...bluuck!  Guess boomers gonna be boomers.

i've heard that Jews don't care much for the New Testament, but betcha those nice truck tires, Jews know the New Testament better than alot of for-real Christian's.  And even i know that Peter did not save one single soul.  When Peter preached, the Lord's Word, it was the Holy Spirit - not Peter - who did the convicting-of-sin and leading the listener to salvation-from-sin.

Just glad that many, if not most, professing atheists can locate many Scriptures without google.  That the Word is readily available in their top-shelf memories. 

Haven't bought any ice cream since my husband's passing (late 2018), until yesterday.

Can blame someone from church for talking about it haha;).  So, later on, went over to the store and was not really surprised that there wasn't much in stock, but there was some.  Found the brand i had always bought for us.  A brand that's sold ice cream since the early 1960s - can still remember their sing-songie "chocolate, vanilla and strawberry too" ad coming from a radio, sometime around 1962.  Still remember where i was when hearing it - 2nd floor of the house on 7th street. 

Anyway, i had always bought the one that was half chocolate, and the other half vanilla.   Honey liked chocolate, i like vanilla.  Reaching into that grocery store freezer, just another reminder...don't even know if there was any of the chocolate vanilla twin packages in stock, and really didn't need that trigger right there in the store.  Saw a box of French vanilla and headed for the checkout.

Friday, July 10, 2020

She claims to lean more toward atheism than agnosticism. And i can only hope she knows more about Scripture than most Christians. Certainly hope so.

The lady is dying.  She lives in a state where it's legal to end one's life if the medicines aren't working any more.  (Hhmmm, think where that's going to go within the next few years.)   But this short post is about her.  Can only pray to the Lord, that she knows where Scriptures (so pertaining to her situation) are located.  i don't have any medical problems, healthy as a horse, so who am i to go busting onto her blog, quoting Scriptures - and causing unsaved people (many of her dear friends) yet another excuse to flip off our Lord.

Lunch is over.