Saturday, November 6, 2021

New i phones came out recently - 12 or 13, just a year ago,

it was either the 11 or 12.  Oh, i don't know, all's i know is that my co-worker had to order them for the field-team.  And, of courssse, last year's cases don't fit this year's phones.  "Embracing change?"  Uhm, no, sometimes change needs to be taken back behind the woodshed.  Needful to say, last year's stuff will shortly end up in a landfill - more rape of mother gaia ... where's the outcry?  

Other office news:  the shredder is jammed again - bigtime!  Yep, someone brought another handful of (plastic-coated) junk-mail pii from home.  Same person, per the last time?  Don't know.  But i know this:  shredders jam, that's what they do.  You'd think the designers would take that fact into consideration...yeah, they evidently do ;/  Heaven forbid, that - after paying out the ying-yang - that a person could actually be able to keep it clear, without a lot of drama.  But i get it: a mix of plain old greed, and liability issues (greed).  All's i know is, peewee needs to buy his (or her) own shredder for personal junk-mail.  

Monday, October 25, 2021

Real short post - just caught wind of a conversation, about someone who scored(?) a promising career path.

Can't help but to wonder, how many (young) candidates, who possessed better qualifications, were passed over, in favor of political correctness.  No big secret, this happens.  

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Max, Part 9 - Couldn't even enter the bank lobby, without having an eye-full of that rubbish. Max grimaced at the public service poster

poster, covering the wall before him.  Overkill, at the very least - six by six, the thing hogged up.  Of course, the subject dealt with home equity loans, but the real agenda of it, wasn't about the low 6% interest rate - that is, of course, if your score qualified.  In the background, was a tropical scene - out at sea, was a yacht.  The "couple" was sitting at a small beachside table, gazing at each other, while enjoying (equally) fruity drinks.  At the bottom, written  in not so small letters, was a brief message concerning STD precautions - yeah, the term HIV wasn't used much, if at all, these days, because it ... was no longer socio-politically correct.

And why anyone would risk their home on a vaca they couldn't afford ... silly question:/  Anyway, max made his way over to a small counter, and grimaced again.  There were no deposit slips; he'd have to use one of his own - each book of 20 (not 25) checks contained one, maybe two, deposit slips.  Choosing another bank?  No point there - paper checks were about looked down upon ... merely tolerated as the stuff of oolllld people (who really need to get th ... off the planet).  Needless to say, the teller - in his or her pierced baubled glory - only managed to not sneer ... well, not too much at having to touch two slips of paper, handed to him or her.  The teller then, immediately after the transaction, gobbled hani-sani.  

And why would anyone be so germaphobe over a slip of paper, when a certain piercing proclaimed ... certain practices which weren't sanitary?  Silly question;/  Max, of course, was then treated to the usual loan pitch.  He, of course, politely declined the offer - he already had a credit card, and didn't need another.  And he certainly didn't need any "introductory rate," which could take off for mars, real quick.  

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Max, Part 8 - Good touted as evil, and vice versa. Max didn't know the exact quote. Of course, he had read the New Testament, a few times, throughout his 20-some years.

Max had read alot of good non-fiction books.  He also enjoyed quality fiction as well, including classics.   That's how he and his sister were raised; when they were kids, their parents didn't have much extra money, for things, like movies and theme park tickets - or even premium tv channels - but every month, both he and sis could order a book or two from the scholastic book club.  One of the things the family did on their weekly family night was a visit to BookPlanet - where the family would shop for volumes and enjoy starting their selections over beverages and treats in the store's coffee shop.  On other family nights, they'd do other things.  Sometimes a meal at a nice restaurant; other times, various local attractions.  In short, both max and sis were blessed, and they knew it, to have been born to parents who actually enjoyed being a family.  Btw, both kids could give you, Dear Reader, an earfull of why their family situation was, sadly, not real common - both kids went to school, where classmates ... yeah.

Of course, BookPlanet had closed it's doors several years ago - couldn't compete with the on-line movie channels.  Yep, Dear Readers, while 500 years ago, the printing press made reading available to atleast the upper-middle class (in a time, where even kings were semi-literate, and so hired scribes), the 2030s was sort of the opposite.  

Max turned off his tablet.  For the last hour he had been searching e-Read for a good spy novel.  A good one, not the typical bare-chested-metro rubbish.  That sort of genre was everywhere.  Max figured it started way back, before his great grand parents' days - but he remembered when it began taking off.  As a boy, Max was into superheros - Superman, Spiderman, Captain Marvel (his folks had to replace the sofa, various tables and lamps) but their heroics became downplayed, in favor of ... weirdness.

But at least Max knew, it was okay - that he wasn't weird for not caring to purchase any of the selections he had spent the last hour browsing through.  "...good for evil...bitter for sweet..."  He'd been in the city last Tuesday; nearby, a street preacher had spoken those words.  Not that max paid the man any mind (so he thought, evidently) ; max's mind was focused on a ventilation issue.  Yep, funny how you hear something, and it seems to go in one ear, and out the other.  But not all of it - some stays.  And connects with things - things that should have been obvious, years ago.

You see, Dear Reader, our hvac hero had been experiencing some serious personal issues - the sort which this 4th rate blogger is attempting to articulate.  In short, Max is a man in his 20s - so, how does an old woman even begin to describe what a man, young or old, would think?  So, will ask the Lord to help me on this one.

Gives new meaning to "connecting the dots."

Max had to have been 12 or 13.  It had been a Saturday afternoon, when he was cutting the grass, while dad was either weed whacking, or some other sort of yard work.  Anyway, the mower quit.  Dad came over, looked at the mower, then cocked his head toward the truck.  Father and son headed over to YardWorld.  Anyway, with a new mower in back, they stopped at a mini-mart.  A car pulled up beside them, inside were three teenagers jamming to what is called music.  One got out and ran inside.  A musky smell was telling as to what the occupants had been doing.  Never mind, they looked kind of scrungy.  Anyway, to make a long story short, as dad pulled out and headed down the road, he turned to his son, and spoke a brief sentence.  

Max could not recall his Father's exact words, but suffice to say, dad said something along the lines that hanging out with "grunge heads leads nowhere."  Max could, recall, to this day, that afternoon, turning on to the highway, a turning point in his early adolescent life - Max wanted to keep on earning good grades, do things that mattered, on his journey ahead, going somewhere.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Another bad example, simpering churchian platitudes ... no wonder people head for buddism, or whatever :(

The woman giving the shirley-temple advice wasn't the one who had, whatever small amount of, money stolen - by a fffaaammily member, nor does ms.dogooder have to make do in a tiny welfare borg-unit...  ya know, walls in drab-white, tiny windows that overlook a parking lot, and no room for much of anything.

Nope, ms.mega-church do-gooder enjoys a lovely 3,000 square foot home, and of course a few grand isn't such a big deal - she and her husband had just been talking about their recent month-long trip abroad.  Which, by the way, hadn't been their first trip to another continent.  Oh, just give it another year, and there's bound to be another brag-fest.  Maybe Rome, or Paris.

Still upset about the conversation, because the lady who lives in the welfare borg was told by ms.worldtraveler to pray and not be angry...what the eff??  Sorry (NOT!!! at all sorry) but god-talk is even cheaper than new agey bs.   

Still steamed, because the whole dialog was very invalidating - oh, and not the first time my ears were treated to such.  Knew something had been very much bothering borg-lady for several months.  Borg has every right and reason to be angry, and to express outrage at having been taken advantage off - not by a stranger, but by fa-fa-ffaaamily (ugh!)  

Goes like this, if you are denied the time to be dag-bern mad, you are also denied the right, a voice, to be honest with yourself, and most importantly, denied the right, the time, to process the anger, and in a healthy (i.e., Biblical) way to get beyond it, and get to a place where you are able to forgive - and politely cut that low-down thief completely out of your life...don't call, don't send cards, just go away, and stay away.

But i get the impression that, in church, forgiveness to those who rip us off bigtime, ain't enough, we're supposed to act like the abuse never happened, and allow the mangey-wolf to just trot in and out of our lives - oh, and if another grand disappears...just pray.

Never mind, the Bible tells us - again and again, to have no fellowship with wicked people, to separate ourselves from them.

Bad example. Yesterday, while at the bank, was looking over the finance lit they had, and was thinking

if i was young, and just getting started in life...  Posted to the wall was a rack of about seven varieties of finance products.  All, but one described either loans or credit cards (loans with super interest).   There was one pamphlet which dealt with "wealth management" ... yeah, like a regular jane or joe has money to gamble in the stock market.  Not a one of those papers had anything to say about opening up a savings account or a cert of deposit - not a one.  And yeah, i get it, this is not 1985, where cd interest runs at around 5%.

Last time i saw a savings ad from a bank, was six or seven years ago; it was for a cd of 1k that paid .01 in interest - a dollar a year.  So yeah, not much incentive for the customers.  Anyway, the bank makes lots of money on loans.   So i guess they don't want to encourage joe and jane to put away even a thousand or so, here and there.  

Kenseyian(?) economics at work...i understand that guys worldview was: have a blast, there's no accountability after this life, and eff the next generation - he was a real weirdo...surprised :/

Friday, October 8, 2021

This recent anti-abortion drama ... wait, why hasn't this been resolved? It's been almost 50 years. Why suddenly now?

Yeah i get it, abortion is choosing murder.  And guess what else!  Yep, i never had to make that choice, so can only imagine what it's like to be pregnant and unmarried.  There you are, young and starting out in life, working and making enough to support yourself, but not much else.  Having a baby means time off work, medical bills, and no paycheck coming in.  You'll need clothing and other stuff for the baby, including day care - big cha-ching.  

And then, down the road, will be more time taken off from work.  In day care, even before covid, if yer kid sneezed, you'd get a call at work (probably on payroll tuesday) to come get your child.  Then there's things like doctor and dentist appointments, car repairs and such.  Needless to say, when you have a job, and want to keep it, your boss expects you to be there.

So, these are things which pregnant single women are up against.  And these things are why the US has domestic relations offices in about every county - where the staff works hard to find da-duh and make him pay.  Still, alot of mental drama ... for single mom who is trying to focus on her job, so she can keep getting her paycheck, and keep a roof over her and her child.

And now, there's talk about limiting abortion.  Why now?  Seems all of a sudden...where has been this moral-majority, over the last almost half a century?  Frankly, i cannot help but to smell an agenda - one that is directly covid related.  

"My body, my right!"  Guess that's got to go.